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1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chambers

Do you wish you could reap the benefits of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber from home? Or would you like to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy at your healthcare facility? No matter what you need this state-of-the-art technology for, Hyperbaric Pro’s 1.4 ATA hyperbaric chamber is the right choice for you!

Our chambers stand the test of time. With a unique triple-layer structure made from medical-grade materials and plastics, this device offers longevity, safety, and durability. Plus, the chamber’s dioxide exhausts and inline filters ensure a pollutant-free environment.

Enjoy an added layer of reassurance with our three-year warranty. Plus, when you purchase a 1.4 ATA hyperbaric chamber from us, we’ll include video setup training and quick tip guides to help make this new health journey easier to understand. Work toward a healthier future with Hyperbaric Pro!